I am a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno pursuing an MBA. I received my BS in Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno where I have been a student-athlete as a member of the Nevada Football team the past three seasons, now entering my fourth and final season as I pursue my graduate school programs.

Although I started this blog as part of a class project, and focused it on energy markets, I continue to post on outside of the project and now cover different topics that I enjoy. My roots come from my studying of economics, both past and present studying, and while some posts may be specifically economics related, others will just be influenced by it. Some of the particular industries I like to cover are finance and investing, business development tactics, risk, and continuing with energy markets. I am interested in each of thee fields, and try to create posts that add some value in whatever field the post covers, and that value is both to myself and the reader. A common thread that extends through the subjects is my search for value creation is whatever we are looking at. There are always ways to enhance value, and the search to do so is fascinating. Unfortunately, this blog only covers a small sample of the topics I learn and come across, but over time I hope it develops into a wide source of valuable information.



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