Ode to People

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Business Development

What is the most important aspect of any business? The people. People are the drivers of business, and in more ways than one. While this may seem cliche, it can be very valuable to any business looking to grow.


Any business is going to have people moving it along. This may be one person or a family or whatever else kind of make-up it may have, but the point is that the people within this business have to be a good fit. Business can be difficult enough without having to handle situations in which the organization itself cannot seem to function. Making sure the organization has a cohesive atmosphere is essential when planning for growth. I want to point out that this DOES NOT mean everyone needs to be best friends or act the same. Diversity in an organization is a great resource, and so do not feel as though everyone needs to be similar to each other.

What I really want to emphasize is the idea that business transactions are person to person relationships. We have heard about business to business and business to consumer, etc. but they are all person to person relationships. The reasons we should focus on this is simple: people want to deal with people they can trust. Everything we do as a business should center around the fact that we are trying to build trust within our community, whatever that community might be. This is not only a good strategy for long-term development, but also will help the day-to-day stress of running a business, because we center ourselves around a core principle of delivering our service to others, with an acknowledgement that we have a foundation of trust between us.


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