Novo: To Alter- Transportation Edition

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

 So how can clean energy lead to an altering of our economy, specifically with regard to transportation? Well, a key thing to understand is that oil currently drives (no pun intended) our transportation sector. In the US transportation accounts for 71% of our petroleum consumption and was fueled 94% by oil, and so the biggest thing to think about here is that looking at how we change our transportation requirements from oil is key.

 Through the imports of oil, the US has spent more than 300 billion dollars a year, every year, and although we have begun to decrease our imports, the rising cost of oil in the future will make it so that we continue to spend an incredible amount of money on importing oil. Just for an example, the EIA forecasts that oil prices will increase significantly over the next decades with growth rates of 1.8%, and for a specific reference the price per barrel would reach $150 sometime in the 2030s. It is a good sign that we have begun to see reductions in imported oil, but we are certainly still beholden to the volatility of the oil markets. We have seen the evolution of technology designed to help reduce the need for oil, but it has not become mainstream yet. Yet, we are moving in the right direction and from bio-fuels to electric cars, we are getting closer to having another option.

Oil has been king for decades, and we are not going to be cutting off our supply in the near future. However, we can begin to alter the structure of our transportation to help remove ourselves from the “oil addiction” and this would be unbelievably beneficial from many aspects (many of which we will cover throughout our journey). From exploring the impacts of oil dependence to examining alternatives to an oil based transportation sector, we will gain a valuable understanding of what is wrong and how we can fix it. I urge you to think about some questions you may have and post them in the comment section. I would be more than happy to explore concepts that are of interest to you.


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